The A to Z of dynamic handicapping

Entire research of PG (between 1989-2023) is made available under this special, intensive course involving video lectures of a series of hour long durations

ONLINE course, log in from anywhere, any device, any time

Learn from the BASICS.

All learning in the form of pre-recorded video lectures.

Full one-year access to high quality content involving 20 hours of video at present, with at least 3 hours of videos being added every week.

Special one-on-one guiding and query-answering LIVE session with Prakash Gosavi once every month if you have any queries

FREE ACCESS to ALL Data files for one full year

FEES:  Rs 100,000 (taxes included)

Notable Features

Course access for one full year from your date of registration

Entire research of PG between 1988-2023 made available

Access to the amazing CLASS-HINT formula for same day runners

One-on-one LIVE Zoom session by PG once-a-month to solve your queries

Data, file sharing & handholding for one full year


hours, and growing


year access


hours content being added every week

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What is Dynamic Handicapping? And what kind of profits are we talking about here?

What will you learn?

What must you bring to the table?

How the World and the Dynamic Handicapper do things differently

Transform your handicapping and betting life

Take the first step to transform your performance. The ONLY handicapping course that has the potential of turning a loser into a winner. 

Proven performance
16 Tested winning methods
6 months access
At least 3+ bonus methods extra
Free data support for a year
Handholding for a year

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One-on-one LIVE session once a month with PG to resolve queries

20+ hours of video lectures by PG, 3+ hours being added every week

The course promises to change your betting life forever.

Online Course Fee: Rs 100,000 [taxes included]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this course for? What will it do for me?

This course is specially designed for anyone desirous of learning Prakash Gosavi's revolutionary Dynamic Handicapping methods, from A to Z, which enabled him to post incredible, record profits year in and year out, as a public handicapper. If you follow every instruction in letter as well as spirit, and display exemplary patience and discipline in following the simple decision models, it has the potential to transform you from a loser into a winner.

2. What If I have already lost big? Can these methods help me recover my money?

STOP. Please don't go ahead. We NEVER recommend chasing losses. In fact, we strongly believe it will be impossible for anyone with your kind of a problem to benefit from this course because you must have got into this mess because of lack of patience and discipline, which are an absolute MUST if anyone hopes to benefit from Dynamic Handicapping systems. 

3. How is this course different to other online courses?

Well, there is no other online course that we know of which can teach you tried and tested handicapping methods. This course is unique in that sense, and hence cannot be compared with any other online course.

4. What kind of support is available?

Complete hand-holding for one full year is available, which includes sharing of data files, regular guidance and checks on how you are developing as a Dynamic Handicapper, sharing of horses emerging from these methods, and why they qualify or don't qualify as bets, etc to refine the finer nuances of your understanding.

Do watch the above 4 videos on this page to understand the theory and concept behind the Dynamic Handicapping principles.

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