Stop losing. 

start winning.

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose--until you lose!

Losing at the races? You have only 3 options.


If you have lost big, and are desperate to recover it all, you are not cut out for this game. QUIT right now.

Scale down

If you enjoy racing for the fun and thrill it offers, and have kept your losses under control, just scale down.


Think you can  show exemplary patience and discipline if you get the right knowledge? Join this course.

Super Features

Emphasis on visuals, race video. No math involved

Learn a method, and start using it immediately

Expect a steady supply of decently priced winners

Raising the hope for long term profitability


You can learn from the comfort of your home. At your own pace. On any device. And at your convenient time. 

The course syllabus involves 16 tried-and-tested Dynamic Handicapping methods which are available in pre-recorded video lecture format; and there will also be a LIVE Zoom session with Prakash Gosavi once every 3 weeks during which your queries, if any, will be addressed. The course duration is 6 months (4 months of tuitions and 2 months for practice). 

Need more information on what is Dynamic Handicapping? Watch the 4 videos on the course page understand the basic framework and concepts We are sure those videos will answer most of your questions. Still, if you have any query, do not hesitate to write to us or call us on +91 98677 10108.

Do watch the 4 videos on our course page to understand the theory and concept behind the Dynamic Handicapping principles.

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